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About Us

Global Telemetrics is a UK based company founded by James Mather and formed in 2009 by the SmarTrack (SVRS) Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service. Global Telemetrics is a billing and monitoring platform behind several successful worldwide vehicle tracking companies.

Monitoring Thatcham Quality Assured devices using the latest technology and secure cloud based CRM/Databases, such as Salesforce.com, to manage customer information and billing. They specialise in secure data aggregation and management using off site servers for additional protection.

The staff at Global Telemetrics are dedicated to help with any aspects of vehicle tracking. Whether you’re a customer looking for advice or a fitting engineer requesting technical information, our team are ready to assist.

Our staff qualifications include:

  • NVQ – a work based award for all our staff set up by the government for achievement through assessment and training.
  • ISO 9001:2015 - this international standard is recognised by all companies and is now known for the best levels of business practice. It is also standard criteria to gain Thatcham (TQAM) approval.
SmarTrack has received 21 industry awards in 10 years
If you are looking for further information regarding tracking or how we can help please call 0800 279 6401*

All our tracking sites use the latest in Google maps technology which is continuously upgraded with the latest mapping data available.