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Vehicle Tracking and Remote Immobiliser


Vehicle Tracking device with remote immobilisation

We have developed a tracking device with an inbuilt remote immobiliser (Vehicle Telematics Interrupters). Our device can be sent a signal from the Secure Control Centre to stop the vehicle from restarting. This is deployed as an alternative method of securitising sub-prime loans for vehicles valued from £5,000 to £15,000.

Find out how vehicle interrupters help motor finance companies reduce risks and save money

Vehicle Interrupters are well established in the US and Canada, but only just catching on in the UK. We're proud to see that our solution, VTSiM from Global Telemetrics, is being taken up by some major UK players and is fast setting the standard.

Dealers turn away potential sales every day, but with our solution they can now approve significantly more deals. The top layer of the sub-prime market is relatively low risk and VTSIM® opens this market up to innovative dealers and brokers wanting to grow their business.

VTSiM® has been developed by one of the UK's most secure vehicle tracking manufactures and provides a fully managed, end-to-end service for finance brokers from fully approved fitting through to recovery and dealer up-sell opportunities via mobile apps.

Unlike some other alternatives, there is no input code required by the driver, no obstructive box on the dashboard (no vehicle interior damage), no risk of being disabled by amateurs and fully complies with UK recovery regulations and laws providing adequate notice before disabling the vehicle.

In fact, VTSiM® is the only such solution in the UK backed by QC endorsement and fully adheres to the OFT guidelines for consumer protection.

Comparison Chart

Feature VTSiM GPS Package Stand alone regular GPS tracker Onboard Keypad systems
Manufactured and designed for the UK finance market
End-to-end solution for legal compliance and device standards
Secure recovery with Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Immobilises vehicle
Remote immobilisation
Total control over immobilisation
UK LEGAL COMPLIANCE when used with Finance Agreements
Conforms to Office of Fair Trading
Conforms to Consumer Credit Act 1974
Conforms to Consumer Protection Legislation
QC backed due diligence
Enables cheaper insurance
Stolen vehicle recovery
Future proofed for integration with mobile apps
Telematic tracking website portal with 1 minute data aggregation
Know where the vehicle asset is at all times
Police level 1 response if reported stolen
Thatcham Recognised Installer
24/7 Secure Control Centre to ISO9000 standards
iRC - immobilisation Request Coding with OFT/TS approved Geo-location technology
BS7858 - ISO9000/2008 - VCA e-mark product UK manufactured - Thatcham
TRI CAT5 monitored Secure Control Centre


Setting the standard for end-to-end payment protection tracking technology

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The Case for using the Global Telemetrics tracking platform system as part of a credit finance package

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"Take up is going really, really well..." says Louise. "Customers like it as they have the safe knowledge that they've got their vehicle tracked and also from an insurance perspective as well."

Louise Hughes, Vehicle Credit Ltd